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The Zone diet is created by Dr. Barry Sears and aimed at achieving stable blood sugar levels, hormonal balance and good health. The diet was first developed as a life regiment that helps to avoid dying of a heart attack, especially in men. It soon became very popular as an elegant weight loss plan that helps to lose weight permanently. The diet also promotes the use of fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce system-wide inflammation in the body.

Theory of the Zone diet

The basic principle of the Zone diet is to eat calories from carbohydrates, protein and fat in a strictly balanced ratio. The diet emphasizes getting 40:30:30 ratio of calories obtained by eating a variety of foods containing carbohydrates, proteins and fats, respectively. The excessive carbohydrates from the diet are removed and replaced with protein. The exact ratio is necessary to maintain optimal hormonal balance in the body which allows for controlling the inflammation, and helps to burn fats at the faster rate. Burning of the fats is possible because the inflammation in the fat cells gets reduced, increasing body’s ability to access stored fat and start the conversion of fats into energy. The diet is unique as it doesn’t require any kind of dietary changes. The key to success is to substitute ingredients one usually uses to make meals. The dieter can continue making the meals according to the same recipes, but using different ingredients and making a complete different impact on the body.

The principles of complete nutrition

To achieve complete nutrition through the course, weight loss dieter will need a daily supply of essential amino acids. Essential fatty acids are also important to reduce cellular inflammation in the fat cells and other parts of the body. Taking enough of essential fatty acids will make it easier to release stored fat for energy conversion and to burn fat even faster. Dieter will also need a daily supply of polyphenols, chemicals that give fruits and vegetables their colors. These compounds are obtained only through a diet, and they protect the essential omega-3 fatty acids from oxidation. Most of the diet programs are too restrictive as the body doesn’t get enough important nutrients to maintain normal function and lose weight in a healthy way. The zone diet is much less restrictive in total carbohydrate intake than many other popular diets, and it is associated with less severe side-effects. Usually, dieters report fatigue and hunger, but these symptoms usually diminish by day 2 or 3.

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