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Zone diet is a diet which is low in carbohydrates and inwhich there is a particular ratio between the necessary intake of carbohydrates,proteins and fats. The sources of carbohydrates should be fruits and vegetablesthat are low in starch, while the sources of proteins should be low in fat. As forthe fats, they should be monounsaturated and heart friendly.

Since this diet is helpful and effective because it is basedon the right portion and proportion, it is a healthy way of losing weight, but it is also a healthy way for increasing muscle mass for those who need or want it, of course. Besidesthe fact that it helps in the process of losing weight, this diet is beneficialfor the metabolism because it improves it, and it is particularly beneficial forthose who have problems due to the hormonal imbalance.

Zone blocks

Those who decide to follow this diet have to have three zonediet meals every day and two zone diet snacks as well. Each meal is based on standardizedzone diet blocks, which are created in order to help people in knowing theexact quantities of all the necessary nutrients. However, it depends on everyindividual and their height, weight and several other elements how many dietblocks should be consumed on a daily basis. Generally, the number of zone foodblocks for males is 14, while for females the number is 11. Zone blocks arecomprised of 3 mini blocks, of which each is of precise weight. These miniblocks are actually comprised of carbohydrates, proteins and fat, and togetherthey form one zone block in the ratio 40:30:30, which is the necessary ratio.

Basics and tips

Waiting to feel hungry in order to eat is not at all advisedbecause then the person is not in the zone anymore due to the low level of insulin.In order to maintain the level of insulin appropriate, it is not recommended tobe hungry for more than five hours either. However, if a person skips a meal,there is no reason for concern, because with the next meal they will be in thezone again. At least 8 glasses of water are a must, while juices and sodashould be avoided. As for the recipes, those that suit the dietary profile ofan individual should be chosen, and it is allowed to exclude flavors and spicesthat the person does not like. Pregnant women and children require differentzone diet plans, which is why zone blocks in these cases should be calculatedcarefully.

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