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Arm muscle workout is the basic exercise type that many people that enter the gym start with. This workout brings the effect quickly and the arm bulks up fast, which makes a practitioner satisfied and it motivates him or her to continue more with the workout. Arm muscle workout types can be divided based on the muscle groups that are affected by the workout, but generally, all exercises build all muscles in the arm, with the focus on several ones, or just one.


Basically, arm muscle exercises can be divided into those without and those with the use of weights. Push ups would be the basic arm exercise and even that one has so much different variations. Variations are based on the distance between palms while working out (as that distance narrows, the focus is shifted toward triceps); legs can be spread or positioned one next to another. Also, legs can be crossed, so entire body is positioned on one leg and palms. Legs can be positioned at the different height levels, with the use of chair for example, and that also makes a push up different. At one point, push ups can be done with only one hand, on fists instead with help of palms, with the use of four or even three and even only two of fingers on each hand. There is also a type of push ups, where the body is in a reverse position. The hardest one would be when body is in a vertical stand – handstand push up. The entire weight of the body is lifted with hands only. Of course, a lot of exercise is needed in order to reach this level of strength. Also, even if hands are very strong, if the body is heavily overweighed, handstand push ups might not be an option.


Any type of weight can be used in order to help with arm workout. Most basic ones are dumbbells and barbells, and their use can cover almost each and every arm muscle. Unfortunately, for using these instruments, most of us have to go to a gym, since having those at home requires both, money and space. Resistance band can be a great alternative, no space is needed and the price is fairly low. Still, for the professionals, additional weight is needed. Using supplements is required only if we are talking about bodybuilding. If we are not, then extensive workout with some light additional weight is more than enough to have strong and beautifully shaped arms.

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