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An altered libido is really nothing more than a change in the level of your sexual desires. Of course, everyone has a fluctuating libido, and both men and women go through periods of wanting more sex, less sex, or no sex at all. Sometimes these changes are triggered by events in a person's personal life (stress, or feeling relaxed), and sometimes they are caused by hormones. Women who are newly pregnant often find themselves going through libido changes.

Decreased sex drive

A decreased desire for sex is more common during the first trimester of pregnancy than an increased libido. This has a lot to do with hormones like progesterone, which are making you physically tired and not up to much in general especially sex! You are probably also experiencing some pregnancy nausea and vomiting during the first few months of pregnancy, making intercourse with your partner even less of an attractive thought. Later in pregnancy, insecurity about your growing and changing body may lead to a decreased sex drive. If you do feel like having sex, but are simply too tired, perhaps this is a great time to ask your partner to give you a nice, relaxing massage or pamper you in other ways.

Increased sex drive

Some women report that they have increased sexual desire during pregnancy, and that their sex life has never been as great as when they were expecting a baby. This is simply the other side of the hormonal coin the same hormones have a different effect on different women. Pregnancy also means that there is a higher volume of blood in your body, especially around your reproductive organs. For some women, that caused an increased desire for sex, and more sensational orgasms too. An altered libido alone isn't really much of an indication that you are pregnant, but it can help you piece the puzzle together if you are having other symptoms too.

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