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Ahealthy relationship is, naturally, backed up by a healthy sex life.But sometimes the sex isn't too good at all. And sometimes it's thegent's fault, and whatever the case may be a real gent is always toassume the blame.

However,this article deals with the situations when the fault is seen on thelady's part.

Namely,the mistakes (concerning sex) some ladies make are sometimes of suchmagnitude that they may shatter entire relationships.

The Looks?

Thisis a common mistake many ladies make, and atop of that it oftentends to ruin the enjoyment for both parts. There is just not enoughspace for worrying about how the tummy fat looks or messing up themake-up and enjoying an orgasm.

Thisis why most therapists will advise the couple to focus on the actitself, and allow everything else to fade away to the background.

Besides,a gent is more likely to notice the playfulness, flexibility andenthusiasm during the course than he is to notice that tiny littlewrinkle on her face – at least for the time being, and that's whatmatters.

The First Move?

Manyyears past the sexual revolution, and curiously enough, the ladiesfind it highly inappropriate for themselves to be the ones to makethe first move in the sex game. This is mostly due to the repressivecondition which hinders them from making the first move for fear ofcoming off as pushy or aggressive – so they wait.

Thisis just as often in stark contrast with the gent's expectations, ashe doesn't want to be the initiator every time, and is furthermoreeven turned on by a lady who isn't afraid of coming off as direct.

Thetruth is, both women and men love being the object of desire, andthusly, giving each part what he/she wants only makes things more easy-flowing and fun.

A Casual Past-Time?

Theidea is so oudated that if presented with such a picture he may feelas if he is perceived as a sort of a medieval creature reduced tothree functions: letting blood, downing grog and pounding lass.

Evidenceof this is that the sex is always better (for both parts!), more funand playful within a committed relationship than a one night stand is.

Thisis why it is important for the lady not to trivialize its meaning forthe gent (by means of clinging to centuries ago outmoded concepts).

He's Always Ready?

Thisis not entirely not-true. It is true for young adults and teenagers.But when it comes to fully grown men, it simply doesn't hold water.This is because the modern everyday life takes its tolls and thegent's libido is not always able to deliver peak performance due tothis simple fact.

Thisis, bluntly put, manifested as a lack of sexual desire during certainperiods, and a lady is gravely mistaken if she (because of the minorglitch) suddenly begins to think that her gent no longer finds herattractive.

Not Trying AnythingNew?

Thisone is either a result of pure boredom or plain old laziness, and issurely to make her partner lose interest in sex. It is a fairlysimple fact that trying out new things in the bedroom keeps therelationship alive, fresh and vibrant and prevents it from getting alltrite, dull and boring – so what's the big deal?

Afterall, a partner who enjoys the routine with no spice allowed whatsoever, is a dull one.

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