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Many men have troubles with the libido or sex drive even those who do not necessarily suffer from impotence. The stressful rhythm of modern life apparently has negative influences on sexual desire and performance so today more and more men of different age seek help in form of medications and supplements that boost the libido.

The sad fact is that some supplements that are advertised to improve libido simply do not work and are sold without any substantial medical proof. The good news however is that some do work and it is important to choose carefully preferably with the help of a medical professional.

Male libido

Male libido, sexual desire or sex drive, depends on many factors that can be psychological, physiological or environmental. Libido is not isolated from other body functions and from the general condition and it must be observed as a part of a whole.

Factors that may affect the male libido include stress, tiredness, poor dietary habits, depression, anxiety, smoking, drugs and alcohol.

The circumstances of a relationship with the partner also play a significant role in libido issues.

Supplements that improve libido

L-arginine is one of the most important factors for a normal, functioning libido. It is a non-essential amino acid that plays an important role in erection.

When the brain sends an appropriate message to the body it triggers the release of nitric oxide. This results in relaxing of the smooth muscles of the spongy tissue inside the penis, that fills with blood leading to an erection.

L-arginine is important because it stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the walls of blood vessels and improves circulation in the whole body.

The human body gradually reduces the production of L-arginine as we age and scientists believe this decrease is responsible for many degenerative processes that occur due to aging.

L-arginine is the ingredient of many supplements that aim to improve male libido and it works much like Viagra. The difference is, however, that it works naturally.

Many scientific studies and extensive research has proven that taking supplements of L-arginine will improve sexual drive and potency in men.

Other excellent and effective supplements that improve libido or are based on ginseng and gingko biloba.

Korean ginseng has been used for centuries in the Far East as a cure for erectile dysfunction and problems with libido. It also reduces stress and fatigue and improves blood flow.

Gingko biloba is used for many purposes among them for improving blood circulation in the whole body including the penis. The Chinese have been using it since ancient times for impotence and libido problems.

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