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Menopause is a period of a woman's life during which the function of ovaries complete ceases. The body undergoes drastic changes due to lack of female hormones. Many menopausal women, among other problems, start to lose interest in sex. Loss of sexual desire is only one problem of menopause. However, it may drastically interfere in a woman's life and leave consequences. This is actually one of the most commonly reported problems in all menopausal women. But there is no reason for menopausal women to worry. Even though they feel the way they do the problem can be solved and there are ways to improve one's sexual life even after menopause.

Sex and Menopause

Yes, sex during menopause has always been an issue of serious debate. Each and every woman has her own opinion and there is general difference of opinion. In the past an actual sexual intercourse for women who had entered menopause was not considered as normal. Namely, people used to think that when a woman has reached certain age she is no longer eligible to have sex. However, such attitudes have drastically changed. Today many women in menopause continue with healthy sexual life. The only problem regarding sexual intercourse during menopause is specific change in female hormones.

What Causes Decreased Sexual Drive in Menopause?

There are several causes of decreased sexual drive during menopause. Decreased libido generally occurs due to lowered levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These hormones are essential for making one experience sexual desire. Women in menopause may refuse to have sexual intercourse out of several reasons. The first one is vaginal dryness during menopause. This problem is associated with declining estrogen levels. In menopausal women the vagina is dry and sex may be painful. Another common complaint of menopausal women is fatigue. In case one feels fatigue it is obvious that desire for sex will significantly reduce. Even frequent mood swings may be responsible for repeated change of decision when it comes to having or not having sex. And finally, self-image plays a significant role in a woman's sexual drive. Many women feel bad about the shape and condition of their body and simply refuse to be exposed.

Treatments that may Help

There are several treatments that can effectively increase sexual drive in menopausal women and that can reduce the uneasiness when it comes to having sex. Menopausal women can significantly benefit from lubricants. These substances make intercourse less painful and more enjoyable. Hormone creams are applied directly into vagina and they increase blood flow hence ease an orgasm. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the most successful treatments in all menopausal women. It can take care of many symptoms and signs of menopause.

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