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An Undesirable Connection

People usually connect smoking withsomething sexy, for reasons unknown. The media and,predominantly, Hollywood must be behind it. Regardless, once a guy ishaving a cigarette lit up, his sex appeal is bound to rise,especially for women who fall for macho individuals. However, as itis usually the case in real life, this is far from logic.

Namely, since cigarettes do not have asingle benefit for our organism, they do nothing good for your sexdrive and sex performance either. Rather, if you are a smoker, youhave more chances of becoming impotent sooner or later. Therefore,throw the cigarette away, it does not work that way. Readon to find out why.

Cigarettes are NOT Sexy!

Even though the aesthetic act ofsmoking a cigarette may turn out to be a sexual stimulator for some,this is rather paradoxical. Basically, since smoking does little tobetter your blood circulation, but, on the contrary, does completelythe opposite, blocking your arteries, you are in for quite asurprise, once your smoking career takes its toll.

Since erection is all about bloodreaching the penis through the veins and arteries in the area, havinga blockage there can only mean bad news.

Researches have confirmed these claims.Tests were done showing that two cigarettes were quite enough tonoticeably lower one's erection. Thinking forward, you can onlyimagine what effect does long term smoking have on a man and hiserectile functions.

Moreover, 40% of males who are affectedby impotence are smokers, the non-smoking part of the male populationtaking only somewhat around 20%. This too serves as a proof enough.

However, this is not the end. Bothmales and females who smoke can have difficulties regardingfertility. Male smokers have reduced semen quality, while femalesmokers can have troubles conceiving. Combine all these factors tothe fact that smoking affects your dental health negatively, makingyour teeth yellow and your skin older. Also, statistically,non-smokers have sex more often than smokers, due to the increasedsex drive since smokers have lower testosterone levels.

All in all, bear all these things inmind the next time you take a cigarette in order to be cool andattractive. Note that, at the same time, you will be indulging intosomething which can make you an impotent man with no sex drive anddecreased chances of having children even if you managed to bypassthe previous factors. No, smoking is not sexy, get over it.

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