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The Sexual Revolution

Before the middle of the last century, sexuality was looked upon quite differently than nowadays. Namely, women were not supposed to be sexually aware, let alone sleep with whoever they want to. Rather, sex was something biological and every other concept of this was considered immoral and filthy, equal to sin. Men were also supposed to have this point of view but, being the dominant parts of societies, they often begged to differ, even though a large majority followed social rules religiously.

However, with the onset of the 20th century and the birth of social revolution, people, especially women, found out about mysterious things like attraction, libido etc. Sex was presented as something natural and normal, and thus suggested to be practiced as often as possible. This gave rise to the notion of sexual energy and the importance of sex and sexuality in people's lives. Today, we accept and cherish sex and attraction related to it as one of our basic urges which have a great influence on our personality and life as a whole.

Facts about Sexuality and Sex

First of all, it is all in the hormones. These are formed while we are still in our mother's womb, having different desires. Hormones, thereby, need to reach certain parts of our hypothalamus, causing libido to rise. Without this magic of the human chemistry, we are bound to feel aggressive towards the opposite sex.

Researches show that the extremely popular soy, when consumed in many of its forms, even though being beneficial in many aspects like the health of our skin, hair and other parts of our body, decreases our libido levels by up to 80%. This unwanted side-effect takes place due to plant hormones which are present in the soy seeds, interfering with the female estrogen levels, causing their rise in men as well.

Women need to have sex and sexual desire, scientists say. Whenever women are sexually cold and lack this kind of interest, they are in a risk of suffering from infections in their reproductive organs. Moreover, they are likely to suffer from depression, anger problems, irritability, and foul vaginal secretions.

Of course, there are many causes of the lack of female libido. Living in this still male-dominant world is hard for a woman, especially if she leads a hectic life working in the industry, being faced with injustice daily. Also, lack of self-confidence and stress do little to help women in this matter. Money and financial conditions also play a very important role in sexual matters.

Additionally, a first sexual experience of a woman has a lot to do with her later preferences and libido altogether. Combine this with the medications and contraception necessary to be involved in the whole process and the fear of having a baby when not ready for it and you get even more reasons for a decreased libido in women.

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