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The Rules of Attractiveness

It is clear that some individualsattract others and vice-versa. However, it is not easy to find yourexact pair in this respect and many people spend their entire livesmismatching themselves with those who they perceive as perfect forthem. Therefore, we are left wondering whether attractiveness goesonly in one direction while the other person, the object ofattraction succumbs to it, or it is mutual in some cases. There aremany different theories for both of these approaches and some ofthese attitudes will be discussed through the lines below.

Stereotypes or Facts?

Quite a number of doctors andpsychologists claim that attractiveness depends on the gender, or thesex in that respect. Basically, males desire younger females in orderfor them to spread out their seeds and multiply, prolonging theexistence of humanity instinctively. Since younger women have greaterchances of giving birth successfully, males are attracted to them andare prone to cheating on their wives for this reason.

On the other hand, another claim saysthat women mostly choose older, materially secured men for the sakeof protection and security they themselves desire for their family.Thus, women are predominantly attracted to older, successful men,while the latter run around chasing younger women. The logic in thistwo statements, therefore, hardly holds water in 100% of the cases,even though, at certain points, it may be plausible.

Alternatively, it is said that we areattracted to people who resemble our parents from the very first daysof our childhood, since all the positive feelings of these times arere-evoked on a subconscious level once we meet a person meeting thesephysical standards. So, we could also spend our lives searching forour mother/father in a younger form, without family bonds.

Hormones should not be leftunmentioned. Since they control most of the things we feel andexperience in a certain way, these chemicals, especially dopamine andtestosterone, influence our attractiveness. Namely, our testosteronelevels get increased when we are attracted to someone. The same way,our elevated hormone levels attract others. This all triggers theproduction of happy hormones in our brain. Unfortunately, one canonly be happy and attractive for a certain amount of time since, aswe grow older, our hormonal levels get imbalanced or decreased,ending our influence by them and all the sensations connected withthe process.

Finally, cyber-dating, being one of themost common ways of meeting people nowadays, since all we do is stayat home in front of the computers, has its own level ofattractiveness related to the process. We are attracted to themysterious identity of the person we communicate with and are moreopen due to the lack of inhibitions. Still, we can end these“relationships” with the same ease as when we started them.

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