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In some cases, it is necessary to remove the uterus and this procedure is called hysterectomy. There are some complications that can happen after this procedure and one of them includes hormonal changes. They can lead to mental and physical problems. The surgery is something a woman has to be prepared for, but the life will go on after the surgery. The uterus is removed during this surgery, but sometimes the ovaries will be removed as well. There are many problems that can arise after the hysterectomy due to the fact that ovaries and uterus are very important for the control of the hormonal balance. The problems associated with this can be reduced if hormonal replacement therapy is performed after the surgery. The reaction experienced after the procedure depends on many factors, but loss of sexual desire, low libido and menopausal problems like hot flashes, can be experienced. The surgery can lead to faster aging, depression, genital tissue damage, urinary tissue damage and cardiovascular disease. But it can make your life better and provide more energy and elimination of menstrual problems.

Hormone Levels

The sudden change of progesterone or estrogen can heave great effect on the human body, so a hormone replacement therapy may be an idea to think about. There are several factors to be looked at before you decide to do this therapy, such as family history and patient’s health. But it can bring benefits like the increase of sexual desire. The dosages used for this therapy are not fixed and they vary. Low therapy consists of low dose of progesterone and estrogen. When ovaries are not present, fat cells synthesize the predominant estrogen or E1, which is one of the types of estrogen. Second type level declines after menopause, while the placenta creates the third type during the pregnancy. The effects of progesterone are calming effect and blood sugar control. It aids the thyroid gland in its functioning and it is considered to be a pregnancy hormone. The next hormone, testosterone, can be found in women and men and ovaries produce this hormone among females.

Bio-identical Hormones after Hysterectomy

These hormonal are much safer than the synthetic ones. They have one molecular structure, which is the opposite of the synthetic hormones made for patents. The structure of the body will be met by the bio-identical hormones. There is not much information about the bio-identical hormones and even the doctors have a limited knowledge about them. Reduced facial hair, improved memory, weight loss, healthy libido, and energy increase are associated with the use of bio-identical hormones, while depression, weight gain, low sex drive and lack of sleep are possible side effects of synthetic hormones. We recommend taking test that will determine the levels of hormones, and remember that a proper diet with organic vegetables and fruit and without foods containing chemicals can balance the hormone level.

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