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A recent study shows that an alarming number of women undergoing fertility treatment suffer from sexual dysfunction. On the other hand, sex can be a stress reliever. It s a great way to relax at the end of the day. The problem is who thinks about sex after crazy work schedules? Perhaps you are you too tired, and this makes an attempt to have a good sex less successful. Additionally, a stress-filled life can also lower your libido, so you might not be in the mood often. There is a study available, that suggests that stress causes the adrenal gland to excrete stress hormones and this can block both not only fertility, but the sex drive too. And yes, sex can block your fertility the medical tests won't show it, and this is the main reason a doctor will ask you: are you under stress lately?

For god's sake, doc! Who isn't??? A child in a elementary school is under stress! What do you think, doc? Ok, that was just my outburst sorry but their questions are sometimes stupid. Yes, we are all under stress, and some tolerable level of stress is actually welcome. It makes you stronger. But when the line is crossed that is the time for problems: skin related problems, sleep related problems and even infertility. Sometimes stress is simply not shown only mentally but physical too. Perhaps it won't be shown on your blood picture, but it will definitely have an impact on your life, and on your sex life too. It seems logical to say that if you want to get pregnant, you need to have sex. Yes, you do if you want to get pregnant naturally of course. But some stressed out couples mistakenly believe that sex once or twice a month is enough. It's not enough. Stress is a great stress reliever and if busy life schedule is is getting in the way of your baby-making, you may need to be proactive in finding time for sex. It is very simple, if you are too tired in the evening, reschedule to the mornings. Just do it.

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