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How to get pregnant with twins

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There are some mothers which would desire to give birth to twins. These may opt for certain medical procedures or medications. However, both these methods, especially taking medications can be potentially dangerous and do not guarantee success. Nevertheless, mother nature has several tricks in her sleeve, increasing your chances of getting twins once you decide you want to have children.

Methods of Getting Pregnant With Twins

First and foremost, you need to know if you have the necessary predispositions for having twins. Namely, you need to have a history of twins in your family, either in your mother's or your father's side. However, it is more likely you will inherit this from your father's side. This may not play such an important role, but will increase your chances of having twins nonetheless. However as strange as this method might sound, if you do not have a history of twins in your family, you might choose an a partner who is a twin brother, since he is bound to have the necessary genes.

Another great method for having twins is waiting a bit before you get pregnant. Researches have shown that women over 35 years of age have increased chances of giving birth to twins than younger women have. Thus, you may organize your pregnancy this way, giving more chances for twins to appear in your life. Still, you should not forget that the older you are, the harder you may get pregnant and more difficulties you might face during your pregnancy and labor. Thus, be careful with this one.

Speculations aside, consulting an expert in the field may help you greatly. Thus, talk to doctors who have specialized in the fertility field.

Another method proven to work is gaining a bit of weight before you get pregnant. This seems to increase your chances of conceiving twins, so you might give it a try as well. Again, do not go overboard since obese people have numerous troubles during labor and the pregnancy itself. Additionally, more dairy products in your diet means higher chances for twins. Also, introducing wild yam into your diet may make you more prone to having twins since this plant influences your hormones, causing hyper ovulation.

Finally, practice makes perfect. Therefore, if you ended up with a single child, love it, take good care of it, and have more. Researches have proven that people with more children have greater chances of getting twins. The rest is quite self-explanatory.  

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