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Parts one and two of our first trimester pregnancy signs consisted of symptoms that more universally known. Did you know your sex drive may change early in pregnancy too, or a dark line can appear on your abdomen? Read on for some of the more unusual first trimester symptoms.

An altered libido wanting more sex, or none at all

The hormonal changes that you are going through during pregnancy affects your body in many different ways. Many women find that they have a higher sex driver, or a much lower sex drive, once they get pregnant.

Unusual vaginal discharge

Just as your vaginal discharge continues changing throughout the menstrual cycle, it is different when you are pregnant too. Most women notice an increase in vaginal discharge.

Mood swings or feeling very emotional

Perhaps you can simply not stop crying, and the smallest thing will set you off. Or perhaps, you have a sudden anger problem, or you go back and forth between feeling euphoric and sad. Mood swings in early pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes and are very normal.

First trimester weight loss

Are you in your first trimester, and losing weight instead of gaining it? First trimester weight loss is not uncommon, and can have several reasons. The best approach is to eat as well as you can, and to keep an eye on the situation. Some weight loss is normal, but it should not continue into the second trimester.

Skin changes impurities on the facial skin

Are you suffering from pimples like you are back in High School? Skin changes and impurities on the facial skin are experienced by many pregnant women. They can last your whole pregnancy, but are likely to turn up soon after you conceived. Zits or oily skin can alarm you that it might just be time to take that pregnancy test!

Linea negra a dark vertical line on your tummy

Have you noticed a dark stripe stretching downward from your belly button? That is the linea negra. Three quarters of pregnant women get them!

Loss of appetite in pregnancy

Many women do not feel like eating much at some point during their pregnancy. This can be caused by morning sickness and food aversions. Do try to eat well, despite not feeling like it your growing embryo really needs the nutrients.

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