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It's about the Will, Not the Skill

Many people connect lack of libido in men with erectile dysfunction. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case since impotence does not have to go hand-in-hand with decreased sex drive. Rather, there are many other things which may trigger a man's lack of desire for sex.

Reasons behind Low Libido in Men

Both physical and psychological factors may influence this phenomenon in men. Most commonly, speaking of physical causes, people who abuse alcohol or drugs have libido issues. Additionally, obese or anemic people, as well as those who have low testosterone levels or diabetes, can show the same lack of interest. Finally, low libido may stem from certain medications one may be taking.

As for the psychological reasons behind low libido in men, there are several issues which can be responsible.

Some men are not sexually attracted to women because, in fact, they are latent homosexuals. Others may be bothered by stress, depression or relationship problems. Additionally, there are cases where childhood issues may affect the sex drive of an adult.

As far as stress is concerned, once men are under the influence of it chronically, their body undergoes certain hormonal changes. Constantly bothered by frustrations, the brain triggers the fight or flight response which manifests through increased blood circulation and release of stress hormones into the blood. One of the side effects of this is lack of sex drive.

Sometimes, illness, such as diabetes type II may be triggering this phenomenon. In fact low testosterone levels in our body can lead to muscular damage, bone mass decrease and, subsequently, erectile dysfunction. Additionally, Parkinson's disease, chronic pain or heart problems can all result in low libido.

In general, unhealthy lifestyle can lead to an unhealthy organism. Thus, the domino effect of sleep deprivation, malnutrition and stress can lead to low libido too. Sometimes, aging is the main reason, since many men lose their sex drive as they grow older. Yet, there are healthy 70-year-olds who are sexually active.

Some people do not desire to have sex due to their lack of self-confidence. This can stem from dissatisfaction with your own body figure or some other aspects of your personality. There are cases where a new baby in the family results in a decrease of libido in both partners, due to the demands the little bundle of love has. Alternatively, some men feel guilt once they see their wives enduring pregnancy, abstaining from sex afterwards.

All in all, lifestyle changes are necessary once your libido gets low. Furthermore, there are many natural remedies which can be of assistance.

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