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Agility Exercises for Kids

According to certain definitions, agility is the ability to: “explosively brake, change direction and accelerate again.” and it is the definition which will be taken into account while dealing with the topic in this article. Agility is an essential “ingredient” in just about any sport. Kids may activate this goal by practicing a variety of sports, among which are....


This sport involves the child standing up right, bending the knees just slightly and keeping them about a shoulder width apart. The right foot is then to cross over the left. Once the right foot lands, it is to to be stepped over by the left foot.

20-Yard Shuttle

It involves setting up a 20 yard shuttle by making a starting line five yards to the left and right of the starting line. One is then to sprint from the starting line and touch either, then the other edge of the shuttle.

20-Yard Square

Five-yard edges form a square. There is a cone at each of the corners. Starting at the back left cone, one is to run 5 yards to the other cone on the left side of the square. Then shuffle 5 yards to the right to the next cone, and then backpedal 5 yards to the other cone on the right side. At last, on is to shuffle 5 yards to the left back, that is to say to the starting cone. Crossing or touching one's own feet while shuffling isn't allowed.

Similar games involve 40-yard forward-backpedal and 60-yard shuttlesprint.

Other ways kids may develop their agility is through the common playground games. Some of the games require some agility skills to begin with, but also, and obviously, further develop them and can be a lot of fun.

Hopscotch is one. It is required that a player jumps on one or both feet through a numbered series of boxes. The hopping distance increases as the game progresses, which only makes it more fun and challenging.

Another fun, common playground game is playing “Jacks”. At the beginning of the game, a player tosses a handful, most likely five, jacks into a pile. A palm sized ball is then to be bounced next to the jacks. The goal of the game is for the player to obtain the maximum number of jacks before the ball lands.

These are just a few ways of encouraging a child to develop his or her agility, which is, after all, regardless of whether the kid has got a thing for sports, an important physical trait.

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