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Speed and Agility Drills

The majority of sports will require a person tohave speed as well as agility. Such sports include football, basketball, andnetball and so on. The quicker you are and the more agile you are, then morethan likely you are one of the better players. If you take the example offootball also known as soccer, you could be very good at passing but of courseif you were just that bit faster or agile you would be a far better player.Below are some drills that can help you to improve on these skills.

Straight Sprints

Just about everyone can agree that sprinting isone of the better ways to make an improvement on ones speed and agility. Youcan incorporate these in to your warm up regime and your game practice. Justsimply apply a few sprints in between such warm ups. Sprints as a rule areusually a small twenty five yard run and the object is to go as fast as youpossibly can as opposed to as long as you can as with the long distancerunners. Although even for the long distance runners, doing sprints in theirwork out regime helps as it improves on the overall technique. You don’t needmuch, if anything. Some people like to use markers to set out the distance andall you need to do is run back and forth between them.Cone Sprints

Many people will have different names for thistype of exercise but basically it is, as the title says, sprinting aroundcones. You will need to put the cones so they look like the letter Z, that is,in a zigzag manner. You will need to run from one cone to the next one asopposed to running on a straight line. This will improve your balance and youragility at the same time. This is a great exercise if you need to train tochange the direction of your sprint quickly with coordination and without lossof speed. By doing this exercise, especially with a trainer who can guide you,you can learn how to make turns and use less energy to do so.

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