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Children like having fun and socializing with other children. Thus, the best possible exercise plan for them involves fitness activities which are performed in groups. Even though competitiveness can be good in some games, if you do not like it your can choose certain activities which will make your child create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

The Healthy Procedure

Group activities are great for children from 2 to 5 years of age. Jumping, skipping and balancing into groups are all adequate activities for children of this age. So, basically, all you need are hula hoops, jumping ropes, hop scotch and balance beams. Separate children into four equal groups and let them perform exercises with one of these props for a limited amount of time, switching the prop afterwards. The exercise routine should last until they have completed two or three full circles through all of the activities.

The Activities

If you decide to allow children to play sports, you have to make sure that they all have the adequate equipment. However, even if you do not have these items, you can make children perform basketball drills such as dribbling or running back and forth as quickly as possible. Teamwork should be emphasized, so motivate children to pass the ball as often as possible and depend on each other's skills. Alternatively, you can use Frisbee drills in order to help children practice their throwing and tricks, sprinting to a specified goal once they catch the Frisbee itself.

Another great physical activity for groups of children is an obstacle training. Create a course which will require speed, agility, tactics, leaping, bending, bowing, push-ups, squats and many other physical activities. Organize a tournament-like game, where children can progress through the courses, focusing on techniques used rather than on competitiveness. Time can only create frustrations, so allow children as much time as they need, placing the focus on the completion of the whole course.

Relaxing and resting is equally important as any sport activity for children. Thus, you may teach kids yoga so that they can relax, rest and make their muscles more flexible. If regular yoga is too serious, make children impersonate animal noises during their yoga sessions.

Finally, you can incorporate countless other games into a group training activity for children. Stay creative and allow children to have fun while getting healthier and more physically fit at the same time.

All in all, remember that every child should be physically active for about 60 minutes every day. This will make a positive impact on both the minds and the bodies of children, so make sure you allow them to be healthy and happy.

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