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Canineexercise tools

Whenit comes to the equipment employed for the official canine training, theagility ladder does not exactly fall into this category, but this does not meanthat it is not an effective and desirable exercising piece of equipment. Due toits “informal” character, it is not employed in the trials. Even despite this,it is deemed an extremely significant, moreover vital, part of dog training forthe sport of agility, as well as furnishing the dog with skills essential forsafe and successful performance on official agility equipment. Furthermore,this variety of equipment is also quite often employed for the purpose of speedingup dog’s recovery and bringing back the needed strength after suffering aninjury.

Pieceof equipment revealed

Theexercising gadget in question represents a type of a ladder, which is made of PVC pipes in most cases. These bars are spaced in the way that between each andevery one of them there is a space of around one foot and sometimes a bit more, depending on the needs. In addition, they are also raised from the ground (afew inches up). Another evident advantage is that these ladders are extremelyflexible in the sense that they can be also used for training puppies andlittle dogs, by placing them flat on the ground. In case a person is not thatcrafty with DIY tools, the ladder in question can be readily bought in variousagility equipment stores, over the internet, or at the trials themselves.


Themain purpose of this piece of equipment is to provide an unobtrusive and safeonset for getting your dog used to agility equipment in general. It is alsoregarded as a quite beneficial confidence booster in grown up dogs and puppiesalike. What is essential is that it can and does teach dogs hind end and rearfeet awareness. This is especially important for those dogs who are not thatconscious about the proper positioning of their back feet, nor about theirproper whereabouts. During exercising sessions, what dogs are taught is their awarenessof the back feet and of the importance of proper feet positioning.

Thisrear end consciousness is an essential prerequisite for just about everyobstacle present on the obstacle course. And it is known that to be able tointeract with each piece of agility equipment, dogs ought to be in completecontrol of their bodies. Once a dog acquires that needed consciousness, safeand successful maneuvering is guaranteed.

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