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This text will focus on thetraining for basketball. This is a sport that requires much training, since itconsumes whole body. We will focus on many exercises you can perform in the orderto be better on the court. They will not only do this, but also they will dogreat things four your entire body. Muscle mass can be enhanced along withcardiovascular endurance. They may even help you in becoming a much betterbasketball player.


This program will take somemoderate exercising, and you will have to acquire basketball tape cones. Thefirst item on the program is the devil's drills. To do this you need to sprintfrom the baseline to the first foul line, touch it with your hand, and go backto the baseline. Then you have to run to the other foul line and back. At theend of the drill, run from the baseline to the opposite side of the court andback. This is a very common and demanding exercise, since sprinting in thispace is very difficult.

Next exercises are the tip exercises. To do this, standunder the blackboard, toss the ball so it bounces back to you. You then jumpand in midair toss the ball at the black board again. Repeat this for 20 times.

Third part is the strengthening of the back and legs along with some exercisesfor the defense, and for this you can use defense stance drill. To do this, gofrom the edge of the three-point line along the line to the other side. Do thisin a defensive stand.

Next, go over the baseline and outside the key, all theway to the baseline again, but when you reach the starting position, stop theexercise. Jumping exercises are the best way of working out the legs, and to dothis, stand in front of the blackboard, and with ball in your hands, tap on theblackboard with it. Perform this for 20 times.

For the next step, you will needto use the tape and make a square, one by one foot, on the ground. Stand on onefoot and then from corner of the square, jump out from the circle. Next, returnto the circle by jumping in it. Repeat this drill for 10 times and remember todo this in every corner of the square.

There are some pass and leapingexercises that will help you with the strength of the leg and agility, but forthis exercise you will need a partner. Put two cones several feet apart. Standon left side of the cone and pass the ball, but do this while standing on leftfoot. The partner will pass you the ball on the right side cone. Before thishappens, you will need to go to the other side and stand on the right foot.Return the pass and do the same thing on the other side. This drill is usuallyperformed no more than a minute.

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