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Depression or Hunger for Light?

Since this world can be understood in many different ways, as well as our existence and purpose in it, there are various unique explanations for the problems we encounter during our lives. For example, psychology, based on physical functions of our body and emotional influences we endure, sees depression as something caused by social factors, traumas and negative experiences, making us pessimistic, exhausted and lacking motivation for living life.

However, if we are to look at depression from a more spiritual standpoint, we could see that depression is nothing more than darkness affecting our light-hungry bodies and minds. We were all created out of light. Yet, this type of light is a special one, with a higher degree of vibrations than the physical light. This is the light which engaged humanity and all the world around us, the light mentioned in the first lines of the Book of Genesis. Thus, whenever we lack this light, which is vital for our existence, we are bound to feel as if we are locked in a dark room, craving for life, brightness and vitality. So, we need to get exposed to the light anew, and find a way out from the darkness.

A Hungry Soul

Once our soul gets deprived of the light, it feels the emptiness. Moreover, it makes us feel the hunger, even though we might not know towards what our cravings are directed. There are cases where light may find us, through different people we communicate with and the relationships we have. Unfortunately, there are cases where people cannot fill the emptiness inside them since they cannot figure out what part of their fulfillment is missing.

Then, we feel lost, helpless, misunderstood, estranged and alone. Often, we might feel like we do not even belong to ourselves. Basically, our body craves warmth and light of the universe, it desires the feeling of belonging and home to return to our lives.

This emptiness may be more prominent in people who had been in contact with the light excessively during their previous lives. Since their closeness to God disappears in their current existence, they feel the lacking stronger than ever before.

If depression, or hunger for light affects your soul, you need to re-establish your connection to the light. This cannot happen overnight, so be prepared for a longer search. Praying may help, even if you have never prayed before. It can open your soul and attract the light once again. Also, keep your eyes open for books, people, art and any other situations which may trigger enlightenment in you.

Once you find the light again, you will feel the warmth, love and nourishment getting back in your life, making you one with the divine again.

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