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Depression Info

Depression is usually explained in terms of brain chemistry.Common medical theory about this disorder includes decrease of severalneurotransmitters in the central nervous system, such as serotonin or norepinephrine.Because of this, medications used to treat depression are focused on eitherprolongation of neurotransmitter effects or on increase of their levels in thebrain.

Spirituality and Depression

However, depression is also connected to human consciousnessand our energy body. Some people believe that changing this spiritual self, onecan be affecting the brain and neurotransmitters in it and cure depression. Well,the solution is not as simple as some positive thinking. Just thinking positivelywon’t make depression vanish into thin air.

Some people may find spiritual theory of things a bit toomuch for their taste, but others are sure that it is true. Openness todifferent ideas determines the belief in this theory too. The theory aboutspiritual dimension of people tells that the physical body is governed byenergy and human consciousness governs energy. It means that our physical beingonly shows the symptoms, but the real cause is hidden underneath. In circles ofpeople aware of energy bodies, depression is associated with depleted highervibrations of light. Sometimes, depression may be just one of the symptoms of blockedenergy. These channels transfer the energy to all cells of human body,including the brain cells. When there is some kind of block, brain cells getdeprived from its fuel and the person may experience depression.

Spiritual theory believes that every pain has a certainpurpose, so when we suffer from anything it is here to teach us something. Easingthe symptoms won’t therefore affect any of the causes of the disease (or pain).It will only temporary remove the symptoms, because treating physical signs doesn’tcure the root problem. Sometimes, symptoms don’t show again, but in most casesthey do. The reason is that our soul needs to learn something and the depressionwas the sign to point us in the right direction. So, it appears over and over againto teach us what should be done.

It is true that common medicine will make your symptoms goaway more quickly. You will notice improvements in matter of weeks after theuse of antidepressant medications and this is not something that must beavoided at all costs. But, keep in mind that there are some other reasons behindyour depression, which could be healed combining modern and traditionalmedicine.

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