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I Want More,Why?

Some people have the problems with theirappetites, not being able to feel full no matter how much food theyeat. Regardless if they eat healthy or junk food, whenever they stopeating, they start feeling hungry again, as if their stomachs arecompletely empty. This case of excessive hunger is a known eatingdisorder and it is often a sign of a more serious, underlyingcondition.

Reasons behind Excessive Hunger

Often, people tend to eat when they arestressed, convinced that food will provide them comfort andrelaxation. Thus, once they stop eating they feel stressed again and,therefore, hungry once more. Also, many people eat when they havenothing else to do. Boredom frequently gives birth to hunger,therefore leading to this phenomenon. Depression as well as smokingand alcohol withdrawal periods all may cause excessive hunger.Additionally, some medications you are taking may trigger hunger astheir side-effect.

The list does not stop here, since manyother things may lie behind this unsatisfiable hunger troubling somepeople. Many people eat when they are thirsty, because theymisinterpret the signals their body sends to them. Those who aremarijuana abusers may experience hunger quite often.

In some cases, the causes may be grimmer. Having said that, numerous different diseases and healthcomplications may trigger these hunger abnormalities. Diabetes, lowblood sugar, Grave's disease and tapeworm infection are just some ofthem.

Interestingly, the media may influenceour hunger. Namely, we live in a material world where everything canbe sold and bought. What is more, system of values gets lower andlower and we are all just a market for someone's business. Thus,frequently, we are shown images which are supposed to invokepsychological and physical cravings for food or many other things.Subsequently, commercials may make us hungry as well.

Pregnant women claim to be hungry mostof the time. However, this is normal, since they have an additionallife to feed inside their organism. Alternatively, stuffing yourselfsenseless will surely result in your stomach's great futureexpectations, and, if next time you eat smaller amounts, it will wantmore.

Finally, those who exercise a lot needmore food since their bodies absorb all the nutrients and burn allthe calories they give them before the workouts. Hunger afterexcessive physical activity is normal. Also, in order not to feelhungry, you need to eat on time. You need to have at least 5 smallermeals during the day, each one rich in vitamins, healthy fat,minerals and proteins. This way you will surely be full and satisfiedduring the whole day. Eat when you should, not when you feel hungryor starving.

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