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Thosesuffering from this mental disorder are prone too extreme and suddenunpredictable mood changes. Whereas it is quite common for people to have theirhighs and lows in the course of their lives, having people mentioned abovein mind, these highs-and-lows moments tend to be rather too intense, andsomewhat abnormal in terms of behavior. One of its common manifestations isthe tendency of those suffering from it to lose sense and often even the touchwith reality. Amongthe most common symptoms and manifestations, we can find at theforefront – mania (in this state a person is exalted, rapturous and elated, butas a byproduct, they often fall in the realm governed by illusions and denial) and following right after is of course depression (in this state a personexperiences great sorrow, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, pessimism, hopelessnessand as if there is no way out from such a life, suicidal thoughts occur oftenas a consequence of this).

Whenone is familiar with the symptoms, then the entire treatment process is made easier to agreat extent. But knowing the symptoms is often not sufficient forthe successful treatment of this condition, and it is very important to know themost common culprits as well. With manic depression this is not so easy,though, and this is due to the fact that there just is not one single culpritwhich can be singled out. As a matter of fact this depends primarily upon theperson in question. But the most familiar culprits are those stressful momentsin one’s life which trigger this condition once the stress overwhelms andprevails. Such stressful moments include being fired from a long held jobposition, tense and troublesome childhood as well as rejection from theenvironment a person lives in (including the people surrounding that person).

Most of us are really not fully aware of its existence, or even if we are - we donot seem to be perceptive enough to spot it in people populating our dailyreality. The troublesome fact about manic depression is that it can occur atany time and at any place, and it does not choose in any way; everyone is a potential victim, and the odds are the same, both for maleand female population. We have come slowly to the ways in which this, rather severe and serious, mentalcondition is best treated. Namely, first and foremost is the visit to apsychiatrist. After his initial and detailed analysis he is the one whodecides about the best treatment therapy that a person in question needs. Often, inorder to complement the therapy, certain drugs and medications are prescribed such as anti-psychotic drugs and those which have the potential to stabilize your moodand ward off mood swings.

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