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Express Yourself

Problems are a basic part of our livesand our existence in general. Every day is full of issues we dealwith. In fact, our whole life consists of interwoven puzzles andmysteries we need to deal with in order to advance in every aspect.However, sometimes these problems are much more complicated and weare incapable of solving them. Rather, these dwell upon us and makeus feel depressed and anxious. Moreover, many of these insolvableproblems get compressed deep into the darkest corners of our minds,where even we ourselves are unable to notice them. However, thesefrustrations, sorrows and problems remain present and existing,eating us from within, waiting to burst once they have festered longenough.

All in all, suppressing your emotionsis bad. You need to channel your worries and frustrations in the mostconstructive way. Surely, you cannot just say something you dare noteven think about. Nevertheless, you can start by sharing your darkestfears and anxieties with yourself. The best possible way of doingthis is writing a journal.

Why Journals?

Perhaps the very notion of writing ajournal may seem a bit futile at a first thought. Regardless, when youstart expressing your emotions this way and continue advancing inyour writing and confession skills, you will feel much better.Putting your negative emotions and parts of your life down can prove to bevery therapeutic. Namely, you will know which problems you face.Then, you can start solving them one by one, being organized better andhaving a more detailed overview of what is wrong with your life.Finally, by considering yourself as if on your deathbed, you canthink about things you would like to be different, set your goals andwork on achieving them, being completely free of frustrations,anxiety and depression soon enough.

How to Write Your Journal?

First and foremost, be absolutely,brutally honest and straightforward. No censured material, no secretsand no editing. Write down your bare thoughts, directly distributedfrom the depths of your soul. You are putting all those words downbecause they are troubling you. Moreover, only you will read this.Therefore, there are no needs for secrecy or omitting of certainfacts.

Consider your journal an extension ofyour soul and your brain. It contains transcribed emotions, which areusually unknown to majority of people close to you. Thus, it is foryou and eventually your therapist. Finally, after every month, gothrough your journal once again and see how much you have improved.If you still have unsolved issues, move them to the last page anddeal with them the best way you see fit.

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