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What Happens While We Sleep?

Most of us know that sleeping is the state of body and mind which grants our physical and emotional self to heal, regenerate and restore all the energy lost during the previous day. Therefore, in order to stay healthy, we need to sleep regularly and spend enough time sleeping every night.

However, if we are to look at sleep from a spiritual perspective, we are bound to see many different benefits of sleeping as well. During the day, while we are guarded by our high levels of awareness, the vast light energy around us is deflected and cannot help us. However, while we sleep, we let our guard down and allow the light energy to restore our body and give us all the strength we need for the next day. Our body joins substances which are not even physical, but more pure energy and, through this bond, recovers successfully from the toll the previous busy and active day had taken.

Sleeping Opens Doors to the IncredibleDreams are just one of many miracles we encounter during our healthy and necessary sleep. Moreover, while we sleep, we get connected to our higher selves and realms about which we know little. There, our souls get connected to many other souls and explore their full potential. Thus, many people wake up inspired and full of ideas which are either completely new, or are solutions for the existing problems.

During our sleep we get connected to the higher realms of ourselves. A complete connection happens during our deepest sleep. However, even when we find ourselves between sleep and the state of being awake, we can still contact the higher realms and get help with our sleeping problems, or any other problems we might have.

Basically, we are never separated from our higher self and the realms of light. The bond gets the strongest while we are sleeping deeply and this is when we can truly restore all of our lost energy and gain experience, knowledge and many other forms of intelligence. During deep sleep, toxins leave our body and our brainwaves change, only to enable us healing on both physical and spiritual levels.

Sleeping problems stem from our separation from our previous lives and previous selves. Sometimes, however, our previous selves have made the mistake, disallowing us from connecting to our realms of light. Then, we need to get granted access to the light once again, so that we can benefit from all the energy and wisdom contained there. If this connection is not established, sleeplessness is bound to affect one's life.

Finally, there is more and more light energy present on the face of the Earth. We need to stay open towards is and let it heal our bodies and souls. Sleeping is the best way of doing this.

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