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Even though many people consider post traumatic stress disorder to be a condition affecting the mind, this is not necessarily the case. Alternative viewpoints associate this condition with the heart and its inability to cope with all the problems one is facing. Namely, excessive negativity triggers a specific numbness in the heart, which affects our overall emotions and makes us suppress the pain, fear and stress we are feeling. However, later, our defense systems fail to cope with all the frustrations within us, reaching the surface through this condition.

The Heart Disease

As it was mentioned above, post traumatic stress disorder is not a disease of the body, nor is it a disease of the mind. Rather, it is a disease of the excessively troubled heart. Usually, our heart receives all the necessary instructions from our brain, telling it how to cope with emotions, frustrations and other factors it gets exposed to. However, once we endure an incredibly negative event in our life, it disrupts all the balance and logic, making traumas take place, affecting us significantly since our heart does not listen to the mind anymore.

People who witness or experience severe traumatic exposures like wars, crimes, murder and abuse, become numb to the triggering factors because their nervous systems become overloaded with different emotions. Moreover, once this happens, we get confused by the lack of logic and sense that has suddenly struck our world. Then, the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder are likely to strike.

The Main Triggers

In most cases, violence and horror are the major causes of post traumatic stress disorder in people. One may witness such acts or be exposed to them him/herself. Either way, the traumatic experience takes place and changes the person by forcing his/her heart to tolerate more pain than possible.

As it is known, our higher Self emits light which gives our soul strength to live and be happy. However, this negativity experienced makes this light impossible to penetrate and heal us. Moreover, higher energy bodies help us cope with negative events by granting us the necessary power. Yet, once terror, horror and all other negativities take over our heart, this intervention is obstructed and the sufferer may find that there is no way of relieving him/herself of pain.

Possible Treatment

All that needs to be done in order to help people who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder is to create a special bridge between their hearts and the sources of energy, where the negative energy can be dispelled, letting the light inside. There are many different methods of achieving this. Basically, all that needs to be done is to connect the sufferer with the source of light. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult, considering the amount of negativity dwelling inside the heart of the person suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

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