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Numbness Has a Reason

Traumatic experiences we have had inour past can have a greatly negative influence on our present, aswell as our future. Namely, let us mention, for example, the mostcommon case of childhood traumas, sexual abuse. Children who endurethis kind of molesting suffer greatly. Moreover, they are, at thesame time irreversibly disappointed in the entire human race, feellonely and estranged and extremely sad.

Thus, due to this resentment and fearfrom the whole world, they isolate themselves entirely, as if theyentered a box from which there is no exit. All emotions are underlockup and the real person can rarely be seen from the outside. Thesecases of child abuse are usually done by family members, making thesheer shock of the action amplified. Furthermore, quite often, thesechildren seek help, but are taken for granted, as other people rarelybelieve them, or keep the terrible act a secret. Naturally, this onlymakes things worse.

Therefore, numbness becomes a shelter.People with traumas are constantly hiding emotionally, their realselves concealed from the eyes and the damaging touch of the outerworld. Again, once this happens to a sexually abused child, his/hergrades at school are likely to take a downward trajectory, they arelikely to separate from friends and they are almost bound to forgethow and why to laugh and be happy.

Numbness for Protection

Since this whole feeling of numbness is away of hiding from harm, people need to be reassured that, once theyare grown up, they can make the past disappear. Of course, theycannot erase it, but they need to rise above it.

One of the ways of dealing with thetraumatic experiences from the past is through hypnosis andpsychotherapy where you are likely to be asked to provide comfort tothe abused child within yourself. Taught by life experience, you areto find the desecrated part of your inner child which still suffersfrom that initial heartbreak, hold it and provide it comfort andunderstanding, through this unique way of guided self-healing.

This method has proven excellent forhelping people get out of the defensive constraints of numbness theyhave entered for self protection. All they really need is compassionand understanding they were never granted in the first place. Oncetheir scarred soul gets this, it can be regenerated and these peoplecan lead normal lives anew, giving happiness another chance.

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