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Sometimes too many different choices can present a problem.Trying several things in search for the right one, or sticking to the one untilit works out, which of those two is better when it comes to diets? What isdefinitely certain, is that there are many methods available today for thosewho want to reduce the weight and increase the overall health of the organism.

The need

Even though most people use diets and supplements because ofthe esthetics problems, there are people who simply have to follow some sort ofdiet, because of the medical condition they have. The most common and dangerouscondition that requires a diet is diabetes. Since, the insulin is not workingproperly or it is missing completely, there is a problem of the increasedglucose levels in the blood stream, which might induce several medicalcomplications. In order to prevent that, a strict diet has to be followed, inorder to keep the glucose levels within the normal range. And sometimes, even thatis not enough and insulin therapy has to be applied.


Specific diets are used for dealing with certain conditions.As low carb diet is needed for people who suffer from diabetes, low proteindiet must be used by those who have problems with kidneys and liver. Proteins are very important nutrient, which is used in our organism for various functionsrelated to all types of tissues (growth, recovery) and it also has a part inthe immune system. The problem is that one of the structural elements of the proteinsis nitrogen and it is normally discarded through urine. If there is a problemwith kidneys and they do not function well, nitrogen in its basic form - urea, andother nitrogen derivate start increasing in blood stream, which can induce the development of certain medical complications and also further damage of thekidneys and liver.

A diet that helps

Low protein diet, as its name says, has a low value ofproteins and therefore, kidneys and liver will not have much trouble processingthose small quantities. Of course, since there are not much proteins included,other nutrients have to be increased, so carbohydrates are used as acompensation. Still, proteins are needed, so small amounts need to be taken. Forexample, if someone had kidney problems, a daily intake of proteins should notexceed 50 grams. And of course, the mentioned values should not be taken atonce, but the amount should be divided into a least three meals.

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