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Exercise by itself is a good way to burn off the excess calories and surplus fat, but adequate diet can also help. Introduction of foods that help to burn fat to your diet is highly beneficial and should be combined with physical activity for best results.

Shalt thou not eat carb

The usual suspects in case of excess fat are carbohydrates and it is popular to recommend no carb or low carb diets as means of loosing weight. This is only partially true. Every organism needs carbohydrates. Brain is on exclusive carbohydrate-only diet, to say the least. It is just that there are good carbohydrates and bad carboxydrates. Processed carboxydrates are the bad ones. These would be, in example, white breads (avoid "wheat" bread, go for "whole grain" bread), bagets, white race and pastas. High amount of processing left these at little else than pure starch. All the desired nutrients are gone. On the other hand, whole grain foods do contain carbohydrates, but also fiber and minerals, which will affect your metabolism in a much better way.

Lean meat is the way to lean belly

Proteins are basic building and functional blocks of the organism and are absolutely necessary in everybody's diet. They also burn away a lot of calories while being digested, more than other types of nutrients. When we say protein, we usually mean meat. Right, but there is a catch. Best meat is lean meat. Avoid meals that are based on meat dripping with fat and opt to buy leanest looking meat. Salmon and tuna are an excellent protein source and both contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are among the healthiest nutrients there are.

Eggs are also excellent protein source, as well as a source of vitamin B12, but they are also high in cholesterol. The good news is that cholesterol is concentrated in yolk, which is easily removed. Also, recent studies show that there is minimal correlation between blood cholesterol and dietary cholesterol, so there is actually little to worry about eggs.

Milk and dairy products are excellent source of calcium (good for the bones) and proteins, and research results show that low-fat dairy products have long-term positive effect on weight loss.

A good choice for those who wish to combine proteins and fibers in a single pack would be beans, such as navy beans, white beans, kidney beans and lima beans. They also come with extra iron, which comes in handy for hemoglobin. Way to go with beans is to avoid them baked or refried - these are full of fats and sugar, and to cook them thoroughly.

Oatmeal is also a fine nutrient, as it has lots of soluble fiber, which helps in keeping your cholesterol level low. It also helps to reduce risk of colon cancer and heart disease. Downside of oatmeal is that it is not very tasty and that most people are tempted to improve its flavor by sweetening it. Well, do it with fruit or a bit of honey, not with sugar or butter.

Finally, olive oil is an excellent source of good fats, and it helps to keep cholesterol low and burn bad fats. Thought of your salad prepared with olive oil before, haven't you?

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