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Insulin resistance or IR is a condition in which the hormone insulin stops lowering blood sugars. The increase in blood glucose may cause serious health effects. Certain cells in the blood need insulin to absorb glucose. In the case of insulin resistance more insulin needs to be secreted by the pancreas. If this compensatory increase does not occur, blood glucose concentrations increase and type 2 diabetes occurs. In this case, body will have obvious reaction to this problem and symptoms will be pretty evident, so the doctor will prescribe insulin and appropriate diet.

Diet IRS

Insulin resistance syndrome is a condition which occurs when body does not react to the insulin it produces. It has to be treated with administering insulin through injections, but also through adjusted diet consisting mainly of low-carbohydrates, moderate proteins and moderate fats. Since it is usually processed food containing primarily of sweets and lack of exercise that get people into trouble with insulin in the first place, then the best solution in treating conditions with insulin would be to correct the diet and start exercising more often. The IRS diet is based on the food people ate millions of years ago, it has the highest potential of healing and preventing illnesses and is naturally alkalizing. After a person starts practicing this diet, it will pass two, maybe three months before he/she establishes normal insulin level again. However, most people feel progress at the beginning of the program. It is important to do blood tests, to take blood pressure, to measure levels of energy, monitor weight loss and of hypoglycemic symptoms to see if the stabilization is taking place. Those values have to be monitored throughout the process of dieting. The diet is programmed so that a person does not feel hunger between meals, they gradually learn not to eat for emotional or other reasons, but to saturate hunger.

Simple rules

Processed carbohydrates are reduced to a minimum. Potatoes and simple sugars are avoided. Anything that tastes sweet causes the insulin levels to rise which worsens the IR. Once the IR improves, cravings for sweets decrease. Grain products such as bread and pastas, and processed grains such as flour are reduced to a minimum. Whole grains are eaten in very small amounts. Good carbohydrates such as fruits are eaten with protein meals. Vegetables, especially raw ones, are great, just like legumes since they have low glycemic index. Proteins should be eaten in lean meat and fish. Wild fish and fish from the cold water are full of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for general health. Dairy products are good, especially the ones with higher levels of fat since low fat increases the blood sugar. However, dairy products should be limited. Eggs can be eaten, only seven eggs is maximum for a week. Nuts and seeds can be eaten in moderate amounts since most of them are rich with omega-3. Fats should be consumed in moderate amounts. Healthy oils are olive, canola, flax, fish, walnuts and nuts, and unhealthy oils from animal sources should be avoided. It is important to drink a lot of water and to limit the intake of salt. Organic food should always come before commercially grown foods. Besides a healthy diet, it is important to exercise every day.

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