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Definition of Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes is a chronic disorder that develops in cases when organ called pancreas in human body either stops producing enough hormone insulin, or pancreas produces enough insulin, but body can not use it to process sugar from the blood, and as a result, blood sugar level gets high. There are various types of diabetes, type 1 and 2. in cases of diabetes mellitus, or type 2, pancreas produces insulin, but body stops using it.

Main concern in diabetes type 2 cases is control of blood sugar level. High blood sugar level has no visible or noticeable symptoms; you can have it for years and not notice it. This is why is diabetes called “a silent killer”. If not treated in time, diabetes can cause the development of many disorders, like eye, heart and kidney problems, nervous system disorders, heart problems etc.

Best Recommended Diet for Type 2 Diabetes

If you have it, you must monitor your blood sugar several times a day, exercise regularly, adapt new diet, lose excessive weight, and take your diabetes medicaments regularly. A goal is that by choosing more healthy food, you keep your blood sugar in controlled level.

Ask your dietitian to help you to group food that is healthy for your diabetes in several categories like meats, fruits, vegetables, etc, and to calculate the amount of each group in proteins, carbohydrates, calories and fats. That way you can exchange groups among themselves when necessary and you can also calculate the glycemic index value of every type of food.

As for a diet itself, it does not mean that you have to choose some extra or special food for your diet. You should just adapt to healthy eating plan, which means to combine existing food groups in a way that is good for your diabetes and your blood sugar level. This means to keep regular mealtimes and to eat variety of foods in strict amounts. You can consult your dietitian about possible recommendations for your diet.

Level of cholesterol in your blood is also very important. To avoid high level of cholesterol in your blood, you should try to instead of eggs, use egg substitutes, use skim milk and not the whole milk and to eat lean cut of meat instead organ meat.

In keeping your diet, you must also know, that there is two typed of fat; saturated fat and trans fat. After find out which kind of fat is in what types of food, you should avoid trans fat completely and choose saturated fat. Best way to do that is to eat sugar free fruits, canola and olive oil, seeds and nuts, to use low fat yoghurt and to reduce amount of butter and margarine.

Fish is also very healthy for your diabetes diet. Make sure to eat fish such as tuna, cod, salmon or herring at least two times a week, and try to avoid fried fish.

Amount of carbohydrates in your daily diet is also very important. You should try to intake the same amount each day, in order to prevent fluctuation of your blood sugar level. You can ask your dietitian to help you to learn how to count daily values of carbohydrates intake. Recommended group of food includes fruits, vegetables, diary low fat products, whole grains beans, lentils, and peas.

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