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This type of diet is not like many others since it is high in fats. It also has enough proteins and low amounts of carbohydrates. The goal of this diet is to reach a state of ketosis. In ketosis, the fat is turned into ketone bodies which are burned for energy instead of blood sugar. This diet is mainly used by people who want to treat epilepsy but it can also be followed in order to lose weight.

Introduction to ketogenic diet

This diet is supposed to limit the consumption of carbohydrates to 10% at the highest. Test strips for urinalysis are the things which are being used to follow the progress.

Ketogenic diet effectiveness

Ketogenic diets is prescribed for people who are suffering from epilepsy. However, studies have proved that these diet plans can be used for weight loss as well. Experts compared this diet with the low-fat diet. In the end, people who followed the ketogenic diet lost more fat even though they ate more calories.

Cardiovascular health and ketogenic diets

Even though ketogenic diets are based on the high intake of fats, they seem to be safe for people who are in danger of getting some cardiovascular disease. In addition to this, the ketogenic diets may even play a part in the reduction of specific risk factors like high cholesterol for instance. Experts claim that if a person follows this diet plan for a period of time which should not be shorter than one month and longer than three months, he or she will reduce the LDL cholesterol number and improve the HDL cholesterol number. HDL is the good cholesterol. Apart from this a person will decrease total weight and body fat which lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Brain health and ketogenic diets

The main goal of this diet plan is to substitute the glucose for brain fuel with ketone bodies. A research was done in 2010 and it showed that aging brains of people who are on the ketogenic diet plan experienced heightened blood flow and increased nutrients delivery. In theory, these two things are supposed the keep these people safe from ending up with some neurodegenerative disease. It appears that there is no interference between ketogenic diets and cognitive performance.

Ketogenic disease and insulin sensitivity

A research was done in the 2010 which claims that people who are on a ketogenc diet will improve their ability to process carbohydrates which is otherwise known as insulin sensitivity.

However, a person should talk to a doctor before going on this diet plan.

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