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Yoga warm up

The term Yoga can be explained as the sum up of activities that are performed by speech, mind and body, and this definition of Yoga is taken from Tattvartha Sutra (2nd century CE text). Yoga is not a simple thing, and beside bodily movements that are used for healing physical illness, it considers the karmic influx, which is resulting from our actions, thoughts and speech.

Warming up

Many yoga warm ups exist, and a few are explained below.


The stretching of adjoining muscles is essential for healthy eyes condition, and one should breathe normally while doing so. Here are some tips on how to keep your eyes healthy and improve eyesight.

– move them up and down– move them from left to right– take them to the top- right and bottom- left– move them to the top- right and bottom- right– roll them clockwise and anti- clockwise– you do not need to follow these steps accordingly, but it is easier this way.


These exercises are almost the same as the one for the eyes. Important thing is to keep the spinal cord straight. While doing these exercises, you loosen the stiffness and tension of neck muscles.

– First, bend your head forward, so that you chin touches your chest, and then get it back in its normal position.– Next, bend your neck to the right and then back.– Next, bend your neck backwards and back again.– Then, to the left and back again.– The final exercise is to repeat all four.

Forward bend

This Yoga warm up pose is a significant one, because it loosens the back muscles. You have to be sitting down, with your legs in front of you and your knees straight. With your fingers interlocked and your spine straight, you should stretch forward as far as you can. Try to touch the knees with your head. Then, get back into original position and repeat this exercise twenty times to really warm up the muscles.

Full body traction

In this Yoga warm up pose, every muscle of the body is stretched. Stand with your feet next to one each other, with your hand fingers interlocked and brought up above your head, so that the arms are near the ears. Then, raise your body and stretch it as far as you can, while keeping the balance on your toes. While rising, inhale.

These exercises should offer enough work out for the different muscles of your body. Full body traction stretching should be done slowly at first and mastered eventually.

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