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Cellulite is one of the worst fears of every woman. This topographic skin change affects most of the post pubertal females. It looks like a skin dimpling and nodularity along the pelvic region, lower limbs and abdomen. This change is caused by herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue and has an appearance that reminds of the orange peel. This normal condition is aesthetically unpleasing for most women who are concerned about their look. Numerous therapies for the treatment of cellulite are available, but all of them have very limited efficiency. Regular exercise is just one of the ways to get rid of the cellulite, and certain yoga postures can literally do the miracles.

Reducing cellulite through yoga

Yoga has a numerous health benefits. Besides from improving one’s overall fitness and natural range of motion, it increases the blood circulation and reduces the stress. Practicing yoga will help a woman build nice lean leg muscles but also help smooth out the topographic changes of the skin by helping the lymph flow freely through fatty tissues. Therefore, the toxins will become flushed away from the body and the cellulite will reduce in appearance. Yoga exercises are especially beneficial for people who spend a lot of their time sitting. During the time one spends motionless, fatty cells push through weakened spots in the connective tissue and start appearing in the form of cellulite. Here are some great and very easy relaxing postures that can help in the fight against cellulite.

Standing forward bend

This is an easy stretch that starts with feet hip-width apart. The body bents forward at the hips as the forehead reaches the knees. If possible, the legs should be straight. However, it is recommended to bend the knees if the stretch feels very strong. The chest lies on the upper tights and the head falls freely toward the ground. The position is held for up to eight deep and relaxing breaths.

Chair pose

Chair pose is great for the legs but also for the spine. It removes the compression from the vertebra and increases the blood and lymph circulation. The exercise starts from the standing position with feet together and ankles slightly apart. The knees are bent and the hips are starting to fall down as into the chair. At the same time, the chest is lift up and arms reach and lengthen up by the ears and forward. The goal is to get into the same position as one would have while sitting in the chair. This means that the arms are bent at 90 degree. The position is held for up to 8 breaths and repeated at least 3 times.

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