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A movement stretching is the mostnatural activity for human. Just with every day moving it is achieved simplestretching of body muscles. Body muscles are getting adapted to a paste andspeed so with time body does not feel that is especially active. More movementthen usual does feel like stretching and inner thighs feel the effort.

In the course of waling it mightbe good to move arms up to head and back, while left arm swings forward, rightarm moves back and other way around. Next stretch is felt in the area ofshoulder where elbows and biceps are merged. This stretching may be done duringthe walk.

Stretching Exercises

There are different dynamicexercises of body stretching, here are some:

1) The Swings of Legsput your hands on a wall, with one leg a step forward. Move that is step backleft and right in the circle and keep palms on the wall. The aim is to move theleg as much as back as it is possible for 30 seconds. Then do the same withother leg.

2) The Body RotatorsStand still with feet apart into a different directions. Put the hands on thehip. Rotate with upper body. Bend on forward and while you bending keeprotating with body to the left side. Rotating is done clockwise, towardforward. Then keep on with bending to the start position. Do all over again butin other direction. The training should be repeated 10 times. 3) Arm SwingsStand and spread feet really good, outside of shoulder lines. Hands point towide at each side, arms should be parallel to ground. Start turning thewaist left and right while arms swings across the body, leaving a relaxed palmsto hit back and the other hand front. The exercises should be done 50 timesmaximum, and serves to tone body and improves the flexibility of spine.

4) Side SquatsWide feet apart and squat down.The weight should be leaned to a left leg, and right leg stretch out to theother side. Swing away to the other side by leaning the weight to a left foot. Aim isto go lower as possible to the ground. The exercises need to be repeated 10times.

5) AFront Kick SwingsKick straight up with right leg, in a standing position. The hands are in theposition toward the point of kicking and keep your knees straight and turn thetoes toward that imaginary point. Ten kicks per each leg.

6) Sumo Squatit is a sumo wrestler’s exercise. Spread the feet wide with toes toward to theout. Pull one foot to the other slowly then kick hard to forward on theopposite direction. With one hand hit the leg that is kicking and put back thefoot where it was before. The spacing of foot means a deep stretch to innerthighs and groin. Do this with both feet.

7) HinduPush upsit is good for a proper stretch of shoulders, hamstrings and calves. Arch theentire spine while you do push ups.

Dynamic Stretching Benefits

Dynamic stretching exercises aredoing a great good for health. The exercises we listed here are not intensiveand are beneficial because they are doing warm up and stretching at the sametime with light tension of muscles. Dynamic stretching do not need maxflexibility as it is with static stretches and ballistic.

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