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Yeast free diets

People who want to suppress the growth of yeast in the body go on a yeast free diet which means that a person cannot consume the foods that have sugar and wheat. Processed foods are also out of the question because of all the chemicals and preservatives in them. These chemicals and preservatives will feed the yeast and cause an overgrowth.

Causes of yeast overgrowth

There are people who have a harmless yeast called candida albicans and there is no problem until the yeast gets overabundant. When this happens a person is considered to suffer from Candiasis and that condition is considered to be involved in lots of health complications. There are some factors that can speed up the process of person ending up with Candiasis like stress, sugar, birth control pills, antibiotics, steroids, chemotherapy and surgery.

Why follow a yeast free diet?

A person who decided to go on this diet should know that there is a chance that he or she can relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel disease, migraine, asthma, chronic ear infections and some other disorders because of the lower level of candida in the body. People who want to lose weight also go on this diet. Foods you should avoid
There are plenty of foods that contribute to the growth of candida. In order to prevent the candida from growing a person should exclude these foods from the diet. Yeast containing foods are the first to go, followed by dairy products. Other foods that a person should not consume while on this diet are processed sugar, chocolate, soft drinks, honey, starch and fruit juices. Foods like potatoes, corn, mold, cheese, meats that are dried, smoked or cured, mushrooms, peanuts, baked goods, bread, pretzels and cookies should be removed as well. This is not the complete list of foods.

Foods you may have

When on this diet a person should eat dark green leafy vegetables, fresh meats, whole grain products, oatmeal, pasta, rice, raw nuts and seeds and unrefined oils.

The consumption of these foods is bound to better a person's energy and health. After a couple of weeks on this diet a person can add some of the foods that are forbidden.

Side effects

A person on this diet may suffer from a couple of physical symptoms like irritability, fatigue and muscle weakness for a short period of time. However, a person need not worry because he or she will get healthier in no time.

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