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Nowadays, a lot of people follow some diet plan that will make them lose weight or gain muscle mass. One such diet plan is Dukan diet and it consists of several phases. A lot of people who are thinking about going on this diet do not know what foods they can consume in the first phase. These people need to know that when it comes to protein they should consume as much as possible. Even though most of protein-rich foods have 25% protein in them at best, a person does not need to pay too much attention to it as long as he or she fulfills the following two requirements. A person in a phase I Dukan diet should consume foods that contain around 0% of carbs. Since that is pretty hard to accomplish a person should not eat foods that have more than 6% of carbs. When it comes to fats a person should not eat foods that have more than 1% of fats in them.

Protein-rich foods a person can consume as much as he or she wants

A person can consume as much lean meat as he or she wants. Lean meat is meat that does not have more than 10% of fat. Experts recommend meats like beef without T-bones and Loin-chops, veal and horse meat. A person should eat these meats boiled, grilled or roasted. Other meats and giblets that can be consumed are chicken liver, veal and beef kidney and the tip of ox tongue.

A person can eat all fish and seafood. There are no restrictions on how much fish or whether it is low-fat or a fatty one a person can eat. However, experts recommend that a person boils, roasts or grill them.

When it comes to poultry a person can have everything except duck and goose.

A person who prefers lean cured meat should pay attention to the label. The meat should not have more than 2% of carbs and 10% of fat.

A person should consume as much eggs as he or she can providing that he or she does not suffer from certain egg-related illnesses. A lot of people are not aware that egg white is the best source of protein out there.

A person who enjoys dairy products should buy only those that have no more than 5% of fat. It is best if a person consumes the ones that are fat free.

A person should also drink at least 1,5 l of fresh mineral water every day.

Condiments, spices, seasonings and stimulants

A person who chooses to follow a Dukan diet should not consume sweeteners like sugar, honey or fructose. Coffee and tea are allowed but without sugar. Vinegar should be used but in moderate amounts. Salt can be used but in really small amounts. The same goes for mustard and lemon.

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