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Losing weight
Losing weight isn’t always easy and for most of the people it may be very mysterious and incomprehensible. Body is a complex system, and it normally doesn’t respond very well to shock methods such as crash diets or over-exercising. One will lose weight whenever the body burns more calories than it gets from the foods. However, body adjusts to all sorts of changes and if one decides to take a rigorous crash diet, body will eventually adjust and no permanent weight loss will occur. To make a real change it is important to prepare for a long run and make small and gradual changes starting with the simple everyday things.
Simple ways to lose weight
Here is a list of some great natural ways of losing weight easily.
First and most important thing is to try to consume raw foods whenever it is possible. Not only that food is more healthier unprocessed, but it also stimulates the internal organs this way, and it takes more to digest, which prevent food cravings.
Try to eat as much of the protein coming from meats, milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs and legumes. However, choose lean meats and milk products with a low amount of fat. It is important to keep the fats and proteins balanced.
Go organic. Foods free from chemicals and additives are rich in enzymes that stimulate the body to burn more calories.
Substitute refined sugar with honey or brown sugar. Artificial sweeteners shouldn’t be an option, since they are full of aspartame, which breaks down into formaldehyde in our body.
Ban white flour products and use whole-grains instead of it. Whole grains are loaded with nutrients and fiber, which are extremely helpful in losing weight.
Do not use prepackaged foods, since they contain a lot of preservatives, artificial colors, flavoring agents and other chemicals.
Avoid products labeled as “hydrogenated” since it actually denotes very high content of trans saturated fats.
Try to cut down on the carbonated drinks and enjoy fresh juices, water and tea.
Instead of the canned fruits and vegetables, stick to frozen, since it contains more nutrients and no preservatives.
Avoid fast foods because of its high content of sodium and additives.
Manage your meals carefully and try not to have any of the leftovers, since they may be tempting.
Avoid margarines and stick to the unsalted butter.
When preparing meat, make sure to broil it in a non-stick pan, without any fat.
Instead of canned fish packed in oil, choose fish packed in water.
Dress your salads in yogurt instead of mayonnaise.
If you need to thicken your soup or sauce try to do it with pureed vegetables and avoid flour.
Bouillon is also a great alternative for gravy, to most of the dishes.
Avoid aluminum cookware and avoid microwave ovens.
Choose vitamin and mineral supplements carefully since not all of them are made equally.
Try not to drink or eat fruits at least half an hour before and after the meal.
Enjoy only skim milk and non-processed cheese to get the maximum benefits from protein.
Indulge in regular physical exercises at least 20 minutes each day. Simple walking, dancing or vigorous cleaning of the house can be extremely beneficial for weight loss.

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