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Candida albicansis yeast, normally found on and in the human body. It is present in ourmouth, throat, intestines, urinary tract and genitals and it doesn’t cause anyproblems to the body. This yeast becomes a problem only if something weakenedour immune system, or after the use of antibiotics, which killed the useful andprotective bacteria in the body.

Candida albicansthen starts to grow uncontrollably, and spread through the bloodstream, causinginfections, sometimes called yeast syndrome or candidiasis.

Symptoms ofthe candida albicans infection are hard to recognize as such, because of thevariety and similarity to many other health problems. Most commonly, patientsexperience oral thrush and cravings for something sweet, associated withurinary tract infections, abdominal pain, rashes and itching. People sufferingfrom candidiasis can also have problems with mood swings, anxiety, tirednessand depression.

Overcome Candidiasiswith Diet

Candida albicansinfection is said to be curable with some adaptation and diet changes. It isproven to speed up the recovery process if used along the medications (anti-fungaldrugs). There are certain foods that should be avoided and some foods that are stronglyadvised to be consummated. Do not worry if the first days of this diet don’t seemto work or the symptoms get worse. It’s quite normal, and you will get better ina few days, when your body adjusts to the diet.

What to Eat

Nutritionistsand doctors recommend increasing the daily intake of proteins as the best wayto treat candidiasis with food. Proteins are said to starve the candida and helpcuring the infection more quickly. As protein rich food you may use: meat,eggs, nuts and seeds. Don’t eat peanuts, since they are high in molds and that’snot a good idea with candidiasis. All other nuts should be soaked in water toremove any potential mold and just then can be used for food.

Raw garlic,onion, cabbage and broccoli are highly appreciated in candidiasis diet, whileyou should stay away from potatoes.

You can alsoconsume probiotics and live yogurt cultures. These dairy products will increasethe number of good bacteria in the intestines, aiding the fight againstcandida.


Food thatcontains sugar and mold should be avoided if you are fighting againstcandidiasis. Avoid everything that is labeled to contain: dextrose, sucrose,maltose or maltodextrin. These are all sugars, and the sugar is the food that candidayeast needs to grow. Processed and packaged food should also be on the avoidinglist, for they also contain plenty of sugar.

Everything elsethat contains yeast is not good for you, in case you are suffering fromcandidiasis. There are plenty of foods that contain the yeast: bread, tomatopaste, cheese, many alcoholic drinks also (vine, beer and other drinks) andeverything that has vinegar as the ingredient (barbecue sauce, pickle, saladdressings).

Avoid dairyproducts, and additives and preservatives from the food. If possible useorganic food, eggs and meat, to prevent the worsening of your yeast infection.

Fruits andfruit juices should not be used, if you are on the candidiasis diet, because ofthe sugars present in them.

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