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Infections and diabetes – the link

In order for one to fully comprehend the relation and connection of diabetes and various infections caused by yeast, one has to be well informed about the hows and whys of these infections. In our body's gastro-intestinal tract, there exists quite a number of bacteria – both the beneficial ones and the dangerous ones. And once we alter our diet or lifestyle habits, the essential balance tends to be disrupted, causing many unwanted side effects. One of these problems can lead to a yeast infection. Especially if our sugar intake has risen.

Having issues with sugar intake does not only lead to the development of diabetes, as most people are convinced, but also various infections caused by the infamous bacteria known as Candida. In case a person suffers from frequent Candida recurrences, this means that he/she should consider doing a glucose level check up as soon as possible. Diabetes as such, it must be pointed out, is not the sole culprit for the occurrence of Candida. A well-known fact is that, too much sugar in our diet, will surely bring about yeast infections, since yeast cannot resist sugar and uses it as their energy source.

Those persons who have been diagnosed with diabetes are at a far greater risk of having to constantly fight with Candida outbreaks. In case the situation is more severe, a person may come down not just with the vaginal yeast infection or thrush, but with the following symptoms as well – memory loss, chronic fatigue, pain in knees and joints, outbreaks of rash all over one’s body, diarrhea, constipation, dizziness and significant deterioration in overall health.

Best ways to free yourself from the yeast menace and diabetes

In order to fight yeast infections and diabetes with success, one has to embrace a diet that is low in sugar as the first and foremost step. This is important because it will cut off the main fuel source for the yeast, which will ultimately cause them to perish. Honey should be also on the list of foods to be avoided, as well as mushrooms and dried fruits.

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