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Gluten free diet benefits

This type of diet will have absolutely no gluten. Gluten is a protein found in natural sources like wheat, barley and rye cereal grains. Gluten can be also found in some other low proteinaceous foods. Even though gluten is the main source of nutritional protein some people who are suffering from specific diseases are intolerant to gluten. Gluten free diet is specially made for these people.

Gluten free diet foods

Even though a person can find a lot of foods which are free of gluten he or she should be aware that there are some processed foods flavored and thickened with gluten. Because of this it is important that a person makes a list of foods that contain no gluten whatsoever.

A person will intake a lot of fruits when on this diet. Fruits free of gluten are apples, acai berries, bananas, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, figs, grapes, lemons, papayas, strawberries, watermelons and some other.

Avocado, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, garlic, peas, onions, peppers, spinach and turnips are vegetables that have no gluten in them.

Grains and flours that are known to contain no gluten are rice, corn, bean flour, corn flour and cornmeal. Some others include flax seed, potato flour, tapioca flour and soy flour.

Pure milk, butter, yogurt and sour cream are only some of the dairy products known to contain no gluten. However, a person should know that processed products like cheese may contain gluten.

Fresh eggs, poultry, fish and meat have no gluten in them.Benefits of gluten free diet

People who have certain diseases and need to cure them go on this diet. Drugs and medications are included in the process as well.

A person who suffers from gluten intolerance or gluten allergy will have to go on this diet.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that results in the injury of the small intestinal lining when a person intakes gluten. People who suffer from this are advised to go on this diet so that the linings of the small intestine can heal properly. This disease is hereditary.

Fluid-filled blisters that show up on the skin are called dermatitis herpetiformis and they are a chronic skin disease. A person who consumes a lot of gluten rich foods is likely to experience serious itching and burning sensations so he or she should not intake gluten at all if he or she is suffering from dermatitis herpetiformis.

It is not uncommon that people who suffer from migraine experience even greater pain when they consume gluten. This is why gluten free diet is a good choice for them.

Some people have even started following this diet plan to lose weight. However, there is no medical evidence that supports this theory. As a matter of a fact, people who exclude gluten rich foods are more likely to gain weight.

These are not all benefits of a gluten free diet.

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