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Exercising can be performed in so many different forms andvariations. It is used for enhancing several properties of the organism and some of thoseare muscle strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility, elasticity etc. These arerelated to skeletal muscle system, but there are also some other, veryimportant positive effects brought by increased physical activity. Strongerimmune system should be mentioned first, but there are also enhanced respiratorysystem, better functioning of the gastrointestinal tract thanks to quickened basal metabolism,increased amount of energy, powerful libido etc. This all means that everyoneshould find some time daily or at least couple of times in a week for somephysical activity.


There are several workout types that can be applied. Whichone will be used depends on the desires and needs of the practitioner. Also,there are many devices and instruments that help in this process, no matterwhat type is used. Those are additional weights in the forms of barbell, dumbbellsand kettle bell, devices for cardio workout such as treadmill and ellipticaltrainer, tools for specific exercises such as medicine ball, resistance band,inversion table, etc.

Inverse position

Most of these help with increasing muscle mass and reducingexcessive fat tissue, but they also affect muscle flexibility and elasticity. A devicethat might help a lot with overall flexibility is inversion table. What is inversiontable and what are some inversion table exercises? Inversion table is asort of table, though a bit different. It can be rotated by the mechanism positionedbeneath the middle section. The surface of the table is used for a practitioner tolie down and there are straps for locking down legs. When the table is rotated forabout 90 degrees, so it stands vertical, the body is vertical too, with headbeing down.

Just being in this position is enough for stretching andextending the entire body. This is also great for strengthening the core,especially abdomen, because abdominal exercises in this position can be veryeffective. It is important for beginners just to try to be in inverse positionas much as possible. Only when the body is comfortable in this position, exercisingcan begin. Crunches and sit ups are essential, and there are also squats andback extension. Inverse table is one of the most effective instruments usedfor strengthening the body, but also for increasing flexibility and elasticity.Because of the position of the body, it is important to purchase inversion tableof high quality and to always check the equipment before training sessionstarts.

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