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Golf Is Not for the Weak

At the first glimpse, many would thinkthat golf is a sport made for those who do not desire to involve alot of physical effort in an entertaining activity. However, thereality is quite different. Namely, golf not only requires strength,but requires a lot of it. Therefore, you need a good workout programwhich will grant you a swing you will be proud of. All you need to dois use dumbbells while you practice your swing, tubing forstrengthening your arms for performing stunning strikes and medicineballs for increasing endurance and physical capabilities, makingyourself a golfer with no match.

Therefore, all you need to do isincorporate these exercises in a good workout schedule, makingyourself more skilled and stronger and all these factorsreflecting on your game. What is more, 15 minutes of these exercisesdaily will be more than sufficient for stunning results.

Golfing Exercises

Before you start exercising in a moreadvanced manner, you need to stretch these muscles of yours foroptimal performance later. You can get your shoulders going byplacing the shaft of your golf club vertically behind your back,grabbing it with the other hand and pulling it up until you feel theother hand stretching. After holding this for about 20 seconds, youcan pull it down with your lower hand, stretching the upper one inthe process. Once this is done, you may swap the hand position and dothe same exercise again.

Next, you need to stretch your neck.This you can do by holding your hands by the wrists behind your back.Then, move your shoulder in a downward direction, until you feel yourneck stretching. Once this is done, move the other shoulder for thesame effect.

As for the exercises with the equipmentmentioned above, you can only benefit from these. All you need to dois incorporate dumbbells in your swinging exercise, and medicineballs or tubing in your strength, flexibility and, again swinging.This will help you achieve maximum results. Lower and upper backstretches may be an excellent way to start these kinds of exercises.

Finally, you might perform seatedtwists by sitting in a chair, twisting your upper body by placingyour left arm over your right shoulder while grabbing the left legwith the right arm at the same time. Pushing yourself this way willenable you to be far more flexible on the field.

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