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Somehow, when we mention exercises, men and women think ofdifferent things, women usually hope for a slim and fit body with no cellulite, while men need only one thing – lots and lots of muscles. A theory that mightexplain this says that at some level, we are still animals and that men seek morestrength for protecting the family, while women do not need that much muscles,since their role in family is different. Those roles come from subconsciousness andcannot be controlled easily. Of course, this and other theories are just theories and thefact left says that there are much more male bodybuilders and much more femalepractitioners of aerobic, fitness trainings, pilates, and yoga etc. This mighttells us that women are a bit smarter, since being fit might be a bit healthierthan just having large muscles.

Hand strengthening exercises

Whatever the cause, the fact is that men will always like todo pushups, lift weight, work abs etc. More strength is always welcomed and thereare many exercises that are used for strengthening various body parts, torso,arms, hands, legs, abs etc. Hand strengthening exercises might be veryimportant in order for other types of exercises to be performed easily.Interesting thing is that several great exercises for hand strengthening can befound in various martial arts. Martial arts that utilize throwing techniqueslike judo and aikido have several simple stretching and strengthening exercisesthat are excellent for making the tendons very flexible and endurable. Hittingmartial arts, like karate, taekwondo, kickboxing strengthen the muscles inhand, make the fist more firm, which is needed for the impact contact betweenfist and hitting bag.

An interesting exercise is pushups performed on fists and it creates a lot of strength and endurance. Pushups can also be done on fingersonly, which builds up the muscles of fingers involved in exercise. Anotherexercise for hand strengthening is using rubber circle bands and squeezing and releasingis a simple yet very effective technique.

Lifting weights in all possible exercises creates morestrength in hands simply because hands are used to hold barbell and dumbbells.More weight creates more positive effect for hands and fingers. As for the mentioned martial arts, one is particularly interesting because it strives tomake each muscle in the body (including hand muscles) very strong and hard, and itis called Uechi Ryu karate. Whatever type of exercise is chosen, strengthening hands isjust a beginning that leads to creating a perfect muscled and strong body.

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