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Dealing with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This condition can be quite painful and the treatment for it is, very long and demanding. Taking into consideration that carpal tunnel syndrome usually occurs, due to keeping your arms in a particular position too long. There are specific exercises known, to reduce the chances of developing this problem, that when combined with adequate medical treatment can ease the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome. Still, you can only benefit from knowing how to perform these exercises since you might stop this syndrome from ever affecting you.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Exercises

These exercises will strengthen your muscles in the forearm area, applying less stress on the tendons which are located in the carpal tunnel itself. Thereby, you will be less prone to this problem, since your limbs will be more flexible and in better shape.

Performing tendon gliding exercises regularly will reduce the pressure on the nerves and ligaments found in your carpal area, making you less prone to developing this syndrome and needing surgery in order to cope with it. Also, these better your blood circulation in the area, contributing to regeneration and healing.

First exercise consists of hand tendon movements without using your wrists. So, you are to start with your fingers straight, then bend your fingers in a hook. After that, you are to return to the straight hand before clenching your fist and returning to the initial position in order to repeat the process 10 times, up to 5 times a day.

Next comes the exercise which reduces the pressure on your median nerve. First, make a fist with your wrists remaining unchanged. Then, make your fingers straight, including your thumb. Once you do this, bend your wrist back and move your thumb as far out as you can before moving your palm up along with your wrist and pulling the thumb out with your other hand. Five repetitions of this exercise will suffice, but you need to make pauses after every step and repeat the process up to 5 times a day.

Finally, other elements may influence the stiffness you feel in your hands. Thus, stretch your neck, shoulders and arms regularly, since this may provide you relief as well, especially if you work on the computer a lot.

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