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Importance offrequency and responsibility

One needs to bepointed out from the start that, in order to strengthen an ankle, a personmust be extremely diligent, as well as persistent, and perform the proper exercisesat least ten times altogether, and do so at least three times in the course ofone day. That goes for the beginning stages. Once a person makes their anklestronger and thus more endurable, they can without any fear raise the bar asfar as number of exercises and daily repetitions are concerned. But one shouldalways have in mind that even then overdoing it can have bad effects and causeinjuries, as well as unwanted severe pain. Therefore, such extremism should beavoided at all costs.

Most effectiveexercises

The group of thoseexercises that are regarded as not only beneficial, but also highlyeffective, looks like this:

Ankle dorsiflexion vs. resistance band– falls into the category of fortifying exercises and is performed with thehelp of the resistance band, which is positioned around one’s foot. Next thingto do is to move one’s foot in a slow manner together with the ankle upagainst the resistance band, and do this within your utmost endurance limit,minding the pain, of course. Recommended repetition rate is 10 times.Ankle plantarflexion vs. resistanceband – resistance band is to be placed around the needed foot, with the footand the ankle positioned up and head wise. Next is to move the foot and theankle in a downward direction against the band as much as possible, but doingit slowly, of course, and stopping once even the smallest hint of pain appears. Repetitionrate is the same as in the previous exercise.Ankle eversion vs. resistance band – atthe onset of the exercise session, it is important to place the resistance bandaround the foot, turning both the foot and the ankle in the outward direction. Aswith the previous exercises, movement performed is not quick and hasty, but slowand gradual, with the foot and the ankle being moved in an inward direction andagainst the resistance bad. This should be done to the extent to which theperson in question feels comfortable with it, so as not to cause anyunnecessary pain and needless discomfort. The exercise in question is also tobe repeated ten times.

Other advanced exercises include such as the heel raises, heel raises over step, single legheel raises, single leg heel raises over step, and single heel raises over stepwith weight added on.

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