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When it comes to exercises, people usually think of big muscles, no fat present, increased stamina, endurance etc. But there are also those visually less impressive exercises that should be performed and that are also essential for maintaining the overall healthy state of the body.


Stretching is something that needs to be done in order for a training session to pass without any injury. Possible injuries are strains, spasms and in extreme cases, tearing of the muscle and joint dislocation. This can all be prevented with only couple of minutes of stretching before and after the exercising. Stretching is all about pulling the muscle in the opposite direction of the one that will be used while exercising. This increases elasticity and flexibility and is an important part of each and every training session. This goes for both muscles and joints.


When it comes to joints, there are several that need special attention. Those are ankles, wrists, knees and neck part of the backbone. Wrists connect hands with the rest of the arms and can be described as the area that contain muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and skin and other layers. It is obvious that these elements can be easily injured if handled improperly. This is why there are few good wrist exercises that should increase the strength and flexibility of this specific joint. For example, there is a form where palm is pushed down and towards the lower arm, for as much as possible, even when the pain occurs. When that happens, hand should be kept in that position for as long as person can withstand the pain. Similar form, but much harder and more intensive, is push ups performed on wrists instead of palms. This can be very painful and it is recommended only for those who already have flexible wrists.

It should be said that almost any weight lifting exercise develops wrists too. Wrists become stronger by simply holding the barbell or dumbbells in a proper position. Resistance band can also be used for building up endurance and stamina of the wrists. As for some other exercises, simple rotation of palms will enhance the elasticity and flexibility of wrists. Special attention should be given to wrists by those who practice some martial arts and those who use throwing techniques and locks. Many of those techniques, especially in aikido and other self-defense martial arts, put a lot of pressure on the wrist, putting it in impossible positions.

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