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Workout to double your punching power

Many people are simply not satisfied with only doing push-ups, jogging, lifting weight etc. They want something more out of their bodies, so they turn to martial arts. Martial arts offer everything, physical shape, learning techniques for dealing with an opponent, and there is even a spiritual aspect, especially in those martial arts that come from Japan and China. Roughly, martial arts can be divided into those based on punching and kicking and those that are about making deadlocks and throwing the opponent. The most popular example when it comes to first group is karate, although there are also taekwondo, muay thai, kick boxing etc. As for the other group, there are judo, aikido, jiu jitsu etc.


Even though punch/kick martial arts also include blocking and evading, the focus is on hitting the opponent, which means that punching and kicking power should be at the maximum. How to achieve that, what is the best workout to double your punching power? At first glance, it might be said that for punching power development, the most important thing is the strength of the arms! Wrong! Muscles in the arms, although they should be developed, are not essential. Actually, the entire body is needed for throwing a powerful punch and for landing a kick. Let’s take a simple direct punch for an example. The body is not facing the opponent directly; it has to be moved a bit to one side, arms are bent in elbows, with fists covering the face. This guard position is excellent for blocking the incoming blows and for fast deployment of punches. Usually, front arm is a weaker one, it jabs, while back arm is prepared for a devastating punch. When fist starts moving, the entire body moves too. When the back arm stretches up front, the torso also rotates to that side. Not only the torso, but the hips are also performing the same motion and corresponding leg is rotating towards inside, while leverage on that foot is transferred from heel to toes. When the punch connects, the speed of the arm is at peak, and in that moment, the muscles in arm contract for increasing the punching power.  What does this tell us? The entire body has to be developed in order to throw a good and strong punch.    

One-inch technique

This is more of a myth, although there are people who claim it is a complete truth. It regards Bruce Lee, one of the famous martial arts practitioner and an actor. It is said that his punch with moving a fist for just one inch could push the opponent several feet away, just as a normal punch would do. This might tell us that the technique is much more important that brute strength, at least when it comes to martial arts.

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