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Being a martial art practitioner today can mean severalthings. Perhaps you are just one of those who need some recreational activity,something to stretch those sleepy muscles and perhaps splash them with a bit ofexcitement offered by the sparring part. There are those who need martial artsas a stress reliever and there is really not a better stress reducer thatpunching and kicking the bag or sparring with a partner in safe conditions.There are those who need competition, who need to be the best in whatever activitythey have chosen. And there are those who seek something more out of themartial arts, the spiritual element, for which many say is gone from the worldof modern martial arts.

Martial arts and weight reduction

There is no doubt that practicing martial arts will help youin dealing with extra weight. Actually, many people who need to lose extra fattissue turn to martial arts because they found regular exercising to be boringafter some time. For some fast weight reduction, the training sessions should befrequent, but that depends on the practitioner. Since martial arts have to beliked for someone to turn to them, it is no wonder there are many who train each andevery day, some are even doing it two times a day, even though there is nocompetition or tournament.

Tai chi

While many martial arts are based on fast victory over theopponent or partner (call it as you wish), there are those that are actuallytrying to teach practitioners about that spiritual element. Tai chi is one ofthose. It is one of the oldest martial arts and even though many know of it asa martial art with slow movements, it is actually something else. Tai chi movesare exercised slowly, so that practitioner would understand the meaning of eachmove. Tai chi is beneficial for health because it also helps with weightreduction, but there is also that other thing. For example, many older peoplepractice Tai chi. It is said that most of the young people simply do not havethe patience to perform Tai chi moves slowly, and that leaves them further awayfrom the truth. While constantly moving the body and limbs, the body is actually enjoyingthe journey, which is something that is usually lost in the world where only startingand ending numbers are important.

Whatever chosen, when it comes to martial arts, it has to beknown that there is more then merely losing weight, building muscles, and learningtechniques.

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